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1st prize to Aegean at the European Congress of Pediatric Surgery

Ege University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Surgery Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Emre Divarcı's scientific presentation on scarless thyroid surgery in children, which he successfully performed for the first time in Turkey, won the 1st prize at the world's most prestigious congress in the field of pediatric surgery. Stating that Ege University is the leader in this field, Assoc. Dr. Divarcı stated that the said surgeries required a serious infrastructure, and that due to the investments made in the hospital, EÜ Rector Prof. Dr. He thanked Necdet Budak.

Ege University Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Surgery Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Emre Divarcı successfully performed scarless thyroid (Scarless Thyroidectomy) surgery on a 17-year-old patient, breaking new ground in March last year. He prepared a scientific paper on his studies and participated in the 22nd International European Congress of Pediatric Surgery held in Athens. In the congress attended by respected scientists and hundreds of physicians, the latest developments in surgical problems in children, disease, diagnosis and treatment methods were shared. Assoc. Dr. The scarless thyroid surgery presentation prepared and presented by Divarcı was deemed worthy of the best scientific paper award. Noting that he was happy to receive the 1st prize in the congress, which was held with a wide participation and accepted as the most prestigious congress in the world in the field of pediatric surgery, Assoc. Dr. Divarcı said, “Our study came first among hundreds of scientific papers. Selected by a jury of scientists. We need strong and new infrastructures to perform these surgeries. Of course, we also carry our work to the scientific community. Our Rector, Prof. Dr. I would like to thank Necdet Budak and our hospital management.”


Reminding that the name of Ege University is frequently mentioned in the scientific community, Rector Budak said, “We renewed almost all the infrastructure of our hospital and updated our medical devices and technological tools. While this situation increases the quality of the health services we offer, it also makes serious contributions to the scientific studies of our professors. We are proud of our professor Emre, who returned with an award from a highly respected congress in his field, and our professors who contributed to science. We will continue to be with them financially and morally," he said.

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