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Child with a Cyst Detected in His Spleen Recovered with Robotic Surgery Instead of a Risky Surgery

Derya Bozkurt, 17, who was diagnosed with a cyst in her spleen at the hospital she applied with the complaint of abdominal pain, recovered with the first robotic spleen cyst surgery performed at the Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital.

Bozkurt, who lives in Manisa, was diagnosed with spleen cyst in the hospital where he went to complain of abdominal pain. A 4 cm cyst on the spleen of Bozkurt, who was referred to the Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital Pediatric Surgery Department for surgery, Assoc. Dr. It was removed by Emre Divarcı using robotic surgery.

The operation, which was performed by entering through the stomach of Bozkurt, was performed by making 2 holes of 8 millimeters and a hole of 12 millimeters in which the camera was placed. After being discharged from the hospital, Bozkurt met with his family, Assoc. Dr. Divarcı and Ege University Rector Prof. Dr. He visited Necdet Budak. Assoc. Dr. Emre Divarcı told Anadolu Agency (AA) that Ege University Medical Faculty Hospital Pediatric Surgery Department is one of Turkey's leading centers for robotic surgery. Stating that spleen cyst surgeries are risky, Divarcı said:

"The spleen is an organ with a high risk of bleeding during surgery. The spleen is a type of cyst in which secretory cells are present. In laparoscopic and open surgery, the entire cyst cannot be removed, so part or all of the spleen needs to be removed. Of course, the spleen is likely to bleed during surgery. "We decided to perform the surgery with the robotic method. This way, we were able to remove the entire cyst. If a part of the cyst remains in the spleen, it may cause cancer in the future. According to the scientific studies we follow, we performed the first robotic spleen cyst surgery in children in our country and in the world. We are very proud of this."

Divarcı pointed out that his patients recovered in a very short time compared to normal, since there is no incision in the body in this method, and that there is no scar after the operation. Explaining that the patient and his family gave full support to them in this process, Divarcı said, "We wanted to use the advantages of robotic surgery in our patient. It provides us with 3D vision, so we can have more control over the tissues. We reach much more difficult areas. It enlarges the image 16 times. In this way, the cysts are much more visible. "In a normal surgery, a human hand can rotate 360 degrees, while in robotic surgery it can rotate 540 degrees." said.

"I am very happy to be healthy"

Derya Bozkurt, on the other hand, stated that she had a very difficult time due to abdominal pain and was sad when she learned that she had a cyst in her spleen. Explaining that he was afraid of surgery, Bozkurt said, "My doctor told me all the details of the surgery. I always wondered whether the robot or the doctors did this surgery. I started. I want to be a nurse." used the phrases.

Mother Emine Bozkurt emphasized that the cyst was removed without any damage to her daughter's spleen with the technique applied by the doctors. prof. Dr. Necdet Budak also stated that the physicians at Ege University Faculty of Medicine continue to carry out successful operations and surgeries in many fields, and said, "We are proud of the fact that the first robotic spleen cyst surgery for children in Turkey and around the world was performed in our hospital. In this sense, as a university, we get the best equipment with the support of our state. Our aim is to provide the highest quality health service to our people." used the phrases.

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