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“Scarless Thyroid” Surgery Performed for the First Time in a Pediatric Patient

Ege University (EU) Medical Faculty Hospital Pediatric Surgery Department Assoc. Dr. Emre Divarcı and his team performed a "Scarless Thyroid" operation on a child patient, breaking new ground in the world.

The young patient, who regained his health in a short time and came to the hospital for a check-up, thanked EU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak and Assoc. Dr. Thanks to Divarcı. Congratulating the team who performed scarless thyroid surgery on a pediatric patient for the first time in the world, Rector Budak said that EU is one of the leading universities in the field of health.

Mahmut Şeker, a senior high school student living in Aydın Nazilli District, applied to Ege University (EU) Medical Faculty Hospital with the complaint of a thyroid nodule on his neck. Pediatric Surgery Department Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Emre Divarcı decided to have the child patient operated after the examination and tests. After the young patient did not want to leave a scar on his neck, Assoc. Dr. Divarcı, EÜ General Surgery Department Faculty Member, who has been performing thyroid surgery for adults for the last 3 years and also giving trainings in this field. Dr. He made evaluations with Özer Makay.


One of the few names in his field, Prof. Dr. With the support of Makay, Assoc. Dr. Divarcı performed the surgery with the help of special tools through incisions of 5-10 millimeters from the inner part of the lower lip of the young patient. The young man, who did not have any marks on his neck, regained his health in a short time.


Mahmut Şeker, who came to the EU Medical Faculty Hospital with his father Durmuş Şeker, for a check-up, visited the EU Rector Prof. Dr. Necdet Budak, hospital management and Assoc. Dr. He thanked Divarcı for both his health services and his surgery without any scars.


Rector Budak, who presented the young patient with a novel and wished him well soon, said, “Our physicians in the Department of Pediatric Surgery broke new ground in the world. We are an important center that has been performing scarless thyroid surgeries for the last 3 years. Now, our young man has regained his health with scarless thyroid surgery. For the first time in the world, a child underwent scarless thyroid surgery. Congratulations to our teachers. I am proud of our teachers,” he said.


Assoc. Dr. Divarcı emphasized that this situation disturbs the young patients, especially in the prime of their life. EÜ pioneered the scarless thyroid surgery and Prof. Dr. Reminding that Özer Makay and his team started this, Assoc. Dr. Divarcı said, “Our teacher also provides training for this surgery nationally and internationally. We had to do thyroid surgery in our young patient. We thought it was suitable for scarless thyroid surgery. We had completed our training before, and with the help of our teacher Özer, we performed this surgery. We performed the first scarless thyroid surgery in the world for Pediatric Surgery centers. Normally, in thyroid surgeries, an incision of about 5 cm was made on the neck and left a scar. In scarless thyroid surgery, on the other hand, thyroid surgery can be performed without leaving any scars on the neck by making incisions of approximately 5 millimeters from the inner part of the lower lip and proceeding from there with special tools. We also preferred this method in our patient. One of the reasons we preferred this method was that our patient was an adolescent and did not want to leave a scar on his neck. We performed our surgery without any problems. He came for control and our patient has no complaints. As Ege University Department of General Surgery has been a pioneer in adults in Turkey, we, as Department of Pediatric Surgery, want to be the pioneer of this method in children in our country. We started this surgery and we think it will continue.”


Noting that he would be very upset if there was a scar after the operation, Mahmur Şeker said, “I am fine now, I have no problems. I continue my life normally. I did not want to leave a scar on my neck with the operation, if there were any scars, it would upset me a lot. Our teachers performed a successful operation. I would like to thank my teachers who made me healthy, our hospital that provides a quality health service, and our managers who provide these opportunities.”

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